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Elevate your status and protect your assets with a wine case

Nothing beats the gift that’s fit for all occasions: wine.

However, when it comes to giving gifts, especially for an occasion to impress, presentation is important. Beautiful packaging and the appropriate means of transporting this precious commodity will really make your gift ‘pop.’

A sleek leather wine bottle carrier will not only exude prestige but will get your wine from one place to the other – completely hassle-free and fully protected.

It’s the perfect gift for any occasion:

  • Corporate gifts
  • Giveaways
  • Winery visits
  • Retail stores
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays & more
Single Case

The Paris

Distinguishable by its octagonal shape, insert your smaller bottles into the velvet-covered lining to keep your precious commodity safe and secure. The Paris features a wide sturdy handle and an authentic leather base.

Dimensions: 340m (L) x 95m (W)
*suitable for smaller wine bottles

Double Case

The Monte Carlo

Just like the city its named after, The Monte Carlo, oozes lux appeal with its stylish design and saddle-like buckles attached to this double case. Featuring a tough leather base, and a wide sturdy handle, it is protective yet lightweight for easy transportation.

Dimensions: 350m (L) x 190m (W)

Single Case

The Milan

With its sleek, classic design, The Milan, will provide you with an ‘Arch of Peace’ as it protects your wine asset inside its double padded velvet casing. A mid-sized handle frames the leather case, making it the most stylish wine case in the lot.

Dimensions: 380m (L) x 120m (W)

Double Case

The Milan

Similar to its single case predecessor, The Milan features a sleek and classic design with studded silver buttons to uphold this double-slotted leather wine case. Feel at peace with its double padded velvet casing inside and smooth leather handles.

Dimensions: 380m (L) x 210m (W)

The Story Behind the Case and the Wine

“Acquiring a bottle of wine used to be seen as a luxury only few could afford. Nowadays, a purchase of either an expensive bag or watch, you expect nothing less than a nicely packaged up, fully protected product in your hands. However, why doesn’t the same apply to your expensive bottle of wine? Why is it packaged in a brown paper bag when you should expect to have it in a sturdy, luxurious leather wine case to proudly show off?”

– Chris de Lima, Managing Director

Go Beyond the Vine with a Personalised Brand Embossing

Envision the perfect branded gift in the form of a luxurious leather wine case embossed with your company logo which also serves as a great marketing tool. Build your network, improve company loyalty or just simply give a branded gift away to impress. After all, who doesn’t love receiving a practical and stylish gift?

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Pricing Guide

*Please Note: Total Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 100 units

Product Item Unit Price GST Sub Total
Milan S – Tan $69 $6.90 $76
Milan S – Black $69 $6.90 $76
Milan S – Burgundy $69 $6.90 $76
Milan S – Dark Grey $69 $6.90 $76
Milan D – Tan $79 $7.90 $87
Milan D – Black $79 $7.90 $87
Milan D – Burgundy $79 $7.90 $87
Milan D Dark Grey $79 $7.90 $87
Monte Carlo – Tan $79 $7.90 $87
Monte Carlo – Black $79 $7.90 $87
Monte Carlo – Dark Grey $79 $7.90 $87
Paris – Tan $59 $5.90 $65
Paris – Black $59 $5.90 $65
Paris – Dark Grey $59 $5.90 $65

Sizing Guide


Product Item Length Width
Milan S – Tan 380m 120m
Milan S – Black 380m 120m
Milan S – Burgundy 380m 120m
Milan S – Dark Grey 380m 120m
Milan D – Tan 380m 210m
Milan D – Black 380m 210m
Milan D – Burgundy 380m 210m
Milan D Dark Grey 380m 210m
Monte Carlo – Tan 350m 190m
Monte Carlo – Black 350m 190m
Monte Carlo – Dark Grey 350m 190m
Paris – Tan 340m 95m
Paris – Black 340m 95m
Paris – Dark Grey 340m 95m